How to Say Goodnight in Dutch (Pronunciation with Audio)

One of the most common ways to say goodnight in Dutch is “goede nacht.” This is a formal way of saying goodnight, and it is typically used in situations where you want to show respect or politeness. 

However, it is not as commonly used in everyday conversation among friends and family.

Another more casual way of saying goodnight in Dutch is “Welterusten.” or “Trusten”. These phrases are similar to the English “sleep tight” and are often used between family members or close friends.

Examples of Dutch Phrases or Sentences with English Translations

Slaap lekker! – Sleep well!

Welterusten, tot morgen! – Sleep well, see you tomorrow!

Ik ga naar bed, welterusten! – I’m going to bed, goodnight!

Slaap lekker en droom zacht! – Sleep well and dream softly!

Tot morgen, slaap lekker! – See you tomorrow, sleep well!

Welterusten en droom fijn! – Good night and sweet dreams!

Related Words and Phrases in Dutch

  1. Slaapwel – This is another common way to say goodnight in Dutch, similar to “Welterusten.” It is commonly used in Belgium, while “Welterusten” is more commonly used in the Netherlands.

Example: Slaapwel, tot morgen! – Goodnight, see you tomorrow!

  1. Nachtrust – This is a noun that refers to a good night’s sleep or a period of sleep.

Example: Het is belangrijk om genoeg nachtrust te hebben. – It is important to get enough sleep.

  1. Dromen – This is the Dutch word for dreams.

Example: Ik had vannacht een vreemde droom. – I had a strange dream last night..

  1. Ochtend – This is the Dutch word for the morning.

Example: Goedenacht en tot morgenochtend! – Goodnight and see you tomorrow morning!

  1. Kus – This is the Dutch word used for a kiss, which can be used when saying goodnight to a loved one.

Example: Ik geef je een kus om lekker te slapen . – I give you a goodnight kiss to sleep tight.

Dutch Customs and Cultural Issues Related to Saying Goodnight

  1. Three Kisses – In the Netherlands, it is customary to greet friends and family members with three kisses on the cheek. This tradition is also commonly practiced when saying goodbye, including when saying goodnight.

Example: Welterusten en tot morgen! (three kisses) – Goodnight and see you tomorrow!

  1. Tea Before Bed – In Dutch culture, some people drink tea before bed. This is seen as a relaxing way to wind down after a long day, and it can also help with digestion and promote a good night’s sleep.

Example: Zullen we nog een kopje thee drinken voordat we gaan slapen? – Shall we have another cup of tea before we go to sleep?

  1. Bedtime Stories – Another Dutch tradition related to saying goodnight is reading bedtime stories to children. This is a way to help children relax and drift off to sleep, and it can also be a bonding experience for parents and children.

Example: Zal ik vanavond een verhaaltje voorlezen? – Shall I read a bedtime story tonight?

  1. Nightly Rituals – In Dutch culture, it is common to have certain nightly rituals or routines that could help get a good night’s sleep. This can include things like taking a warm bath, listening to calming music, or reading a good book in bed before falling asleep.

Example: Ik lees een hoofdstuk uit mijn boek en dan ga ik slapen – I read one chapter of my book and then I will go to sleep.

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