How to Say Happy Birthday in the Dutch Language (Pronunciation with Audio)

In the Netherlands, birthdays are very important celebratory social events.  So, if you have Dutch acquaintances, friends, or family, it’s expected of you to show good manners and congratulate the person on his or her birthday. The most common ways are: “Gefeliciteerd” which means congratulations, or you can say “Fijne verjaardag” which means a happy birthday.

GefeliciteerdGhe-fu-lu- si- teertcongratulations
Fijne verjaardagfay-ner fer-yaar- dakhhappy birthday (pleasant)
Fijne verjaardag
happy birthday dutch, Pronunciation dutch for happy birthday

However, there are many ways to congratulate or say happy birthday to someone. So let’s look at other ways to use phrases, expressions, and songs.

  1. Other ways of wishing a happy birthday in Dutch
  2. Replying to people wishing you a happy birthday
  3. Dutch birthday song

Other ways of wishing a happy birthday in Dutch

Gelukkige verjaardagkher-luh-kikh-ge  fer-yaar- dakhhappy birthday (lucky)
Prettige verjaardagpreh-tikh-ge fer-yaar- dakhhappy birthday (nice)
Een prettige dag gewenstErn preh-tikh-ge fer-yaar- dakh kher-venstWishing you an enjoyable day
Ik hoop dat je een fijne verjaardag hebt!ik hoap dat yer ern fay-ner fer-yaar- dakh hept I hope you have a nice birthday!
Van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!Vhon har-te  Ghe-fu-lu- si- teert  mut ye  fer-yaar- dakhCongratulations on your birthday!
Fijne dag!fay-ner dakhHave a nice day!
Nog vele jaren in goede gezondheid.Nokh fayle yaar-un in khoo-der kher-zont heitMany years ahead in good health.
Gelukkige verjaardag
Prettige verjaardag
Een prettige dag gewenst
Ik hoop dat je een fijne verjaardag hebt!
Van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!
Fijne dag!
Nog vele jaren in goede gezondheid.

Replying to people wishing you a happy birthday

If it is your birthday and you want to respond to people congratulating you, you can say the following.

Hartelijk dank voor de goede wensenHAR-Ta-luck DANK foor du khoo-de when-shuMany thanks for the good wishes
Hartelijk bedanktHAR-Ta-luck buh-DANKTA heartfelt thanks
Hartelijk dank voor de goede wensen
Hartelijk bedankt

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Dutch birthday song

This Dutch birthday song is sung in the same situation as the English-language “Happy Birthday,” 

It’s a fairly easy song. So let’s try it

Lang zal hij/ze leven,
Lang zal hij/ze leven,
Lang zal hij/ze leven,

In de gloria,
In de gloria,
In de gloria,

Hiep, hiep, hiep, hoera!
Hiep, hiep, hiep, hoera!
Hiep, hiep, hiep, hoera!

If we translate this into English, it would be something along the lines of to:
“May he/she live long,”
“in glory,” 
“hip, hip, hip, hooray!”

More about birthdays in the Netherlands

As mentioned in the beginning, birthdays in the Netherlands are very important. Keeping quiet about your birthday and not celebrating it is almost impossible. Your Dutch friends, family, and colleagues won’t forget that it’s your birthday, and they will celebrate it with you.

A Dutch birthday is commonly celebrated with a birthday cake, most of the time; you will bring your cake to your party. Often the people who come for your birthday will give you a present. Upon receiving the present, you will open it in front of everyone at the party and say thank you as a sign of respect to the gift-giver. 

Birthdays in the Netherlands are almost always celebrated in the workplace and at school as well, and also at work and school you will provide the birthday cake or treat. 

Besides congratulating the birthday person, you will also congratulate the closest friends, family, or partners. It’s a special day for them too.

Besides saying your birthday wishes, you will probably also shake hands or give three alternating kisses on each cheek.

Talking about significant events in our lives is part of every person’s journey, regardless of creed or culture. If you’re planning to stay in the Netherlands for more than a quick visit, you’ll need at least a few ‘life events’ phrases that you can use. After all, many of these are shared experiences, and it’s generally expected that we will show up with good manners and warm wishes.

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